LIVE! 98.5 Virgin Radio

We were very honouredĀ to have the Virgin Radio crew in the restaurant to do a live show with us on Thursday, July 24th!

Thursdays are known to be ourĀ chef’s delicious Osso Buco night, which was described as “so tender, it melts in your mouth” by Fuzzy, from 98.5 Virgin Radio. It is milk-fed veal shanks, braised in tomato sauce for hours till perfection


It was exceptionally special with the appearance of our local radio host Fuzzy who brought such an amazing and upbeat atmosphere into the restaurant. We would like to thank 98.5 Virgin Radio to let us experience such a wonderful time and we will keep everyone updated for our next LIVE! event.

Come join us every Thursday to experience the tenderness of this famous braised veal shank! AND Stay tune!